Amos Yee

Accept the World for What it is

Accept the world for what it is, love humanity despite its problems.

Accept that humans are problematic, and will screw up. So that when they inevitably do screw up, you won't overreact, because you already know 'that's how it is'.

You're not being dishonest, you're not trying to justify or hide from society's problems, you're just aware that dealing with that is part of the human experience.

It's hard to love the world unconditionally when there's death, suffering, discrimination happening to millions. But fretting about it won't make change any faster.

Be content with humankind, and you won't only be happy once the world gets better, you will be happy no matter what.

And the funny thing, the moment you've stop being dissatisfied, and accept the world for what it is, is when the greatest change starts to happen