Amos Yee

Why You Should Love Discomfort

It's the tendency of most people to avoid discomfort, and to constantly find ways to be comfortable. Yet the most meaningful things in life often come from dealing with discomfort.

Truth is never comfortable. When I first realised Pedophiles were being discriminated, I wanted to avoid the truth. It's horrifying being hated by thousands of people who think you're a child rapist. I was tempted to hide, retract, ignore that topic, and just complain about something more acceptable to others like Singapore's lack of human rights.

But as someone who tries his best to be a moral person, eventually I couldn't live with myself if I did not speak up for a group of hundreds of millions of discriminated people, after knowing about their suffering.

Every human gains a lasting happiness from helping others. So despite any initial hate or discomfort, I'm confident my work as a Pedophile Rights Activist will bring more joy into my life than following a more "comfortable", "normal" path.

Realising truths that lead to great emotional and spiritual growth is likely uncomfortable. Like when realising your job is unsatisfying, your relationship with your partner isn't fulfilling, you should spend less, you should exercise more, you might be too negative, you might be too talkative... Or admitting unpopular views on political issues, like Homosexuality is ok, Transgenders are ok, Women should be equal to men, you shouldn't take the entire bible literally, Veganism is good etc.

I think people who always try to be comfortable do so because on the inside, they don't feel comfortable. They have various mental issues or unresolved traumas, so they always try to avoid discomfort. Whereas people who are willing to put themselves in uncomfortable situations, do so because most of the time they already are comfortable, they are emotionally stable enough to let some discomfort into their lives. Sometimes doing something temporarily uncomfortable is necessary for everyone's long-term comfort. To quote the Olympic weightlifter Jerzy Gregorek: "Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life."