Amos Yee

Everyone Should Have a Free House

Everyone should be granted all basic necessities (housing, food, electricity etc.), for free without working.

Think about how inhumane a system is without that. If you don't have this guarantee, you're basically saying  that if someone doesn't work, they deserve to die.

People condemn such a socialist system saying that it encourages lasiness, and look down on people who are unemployed and living off government funds.

What should be noted though, is that psychological evidence shows everyone is born with a natural desire to help others. So everyone naturally wants to work and provide value to society, even without money.

The types of people who are unemployed and sit around watching TV or playing video games all day, these people most likely have severe mental issues. And very likely that's caused by the harsh surroundings they were born in (a punishing work or school environment, family abuse etc.)

Of course personal responsibility is important, many born in unfavorable conditions still continue working, and many who languish at home do so because of a negative mindset (constantly blaming  society and others instead of trying to find solutions).

However, I think such people should be dealt with compassion, instead of hate, because that's not only less hurtful, but also more effective in changing their behavior. And as bad and lasy as someone is, they certainly they don't deserve to die because of it.

Countries that report the highest levels of happiness, are European countries like Denmark and Sweden, that have the best welfare systems (affordable healthcare, housing etc.) J.K. Rowling, the now billionaire author who wrote Harry Potter, lived off government benefits for years while writing her book and raising a child as a single mother.

She says: 'I couldn’t have written this book if I hadn’t had a few years where I’d been really as poor as it’s possible to go in the U.K. without being homeless'

A world where everyone has a free house, where poverty and starvation is eliminated, is completely possible. We can achieve this by advocating for left-wing economic solutions that redistributes wealth from the rich to the poor. Examples include a progressive tax system, where the richer you are the higher tax rate you pay, while the middle-lower class pays little to no taxes. This allows the excessive wealth of the top 1% to  be spent on the survival needs of the poor.

What's also helpful is removing funds from expensive industries like the military, which in the US cost $717 billion dollars. People commonly ask about affordable healthcare 'how do we pay for it?'. Well taking funds from a $717 billion dollar military that not only doesn't create peace, actually provokes more war and destruction, and causes the death of millions of innocent lives, that's how you'll pay for it.

Though countries around the world are improving, such as in America which has slowly been providing more welfare for citizens (medicare for all, $15 dollar minimum wage), there's still a lot more we can do. It's basic decency to grant every human on earth the ability to survive, to never have to worry about being hungry or homeless. Such a utopian world will happen, but only from those bold enough to believe it

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