Amos Yee

Have a Good Political Purpose

It's important to have a noble purpose when engaging in politics, because your purpose defines the quality of your words and actions, and therefore your ability to influence others.

Many people become activists for revenge, out of a hatred towards the government and society... That's not a good reason, and if that's your purpose, you often come off as toxic and hostile.

Just take a look at Black Lives Matter Activists. Many of them protest less so because they want to help black people, but more so because they hate whites. A motive defined by resentment leads to actions like insulting language, looting  or violence.

Studies indicate that confrontational methods are not only ineffective, but harmful to a movement. So even though Black Lives Matter activists are fighting for the good cause of ending police brutality, the public isn't receptive to their message, and even people who agree with them aren't willing to associate with these groups.

A good purpose is: genuinely wanting to save lives, to want to help others. A good purpose borne from warmth and empathy makes you come off as charismatic and good-natured. It leads to actions that most effectively creates long-term change, like speaking with sensitivity and respect, conducting non-violent protests, and denouncing people on your side who consider violence.

The greatest activists in history, from Gandhi to Martin Luther King Jr, constantly preach about the importance of loving humanity, and even loving your enemies. They are fueled not by resentment, but compassion, which makes every word they say infectious.

So have a worthy purpose, to ensure your actions don't push people way, but instead convert and inspire. Are you acting out of hate, or love? Do you want to create an impact to tear others down, or lift people up? Become familiar with the feeling of caring for others, visualise actions borne out of  that, and remove behaviors that conflict with it. You will become a more positive, happier person, and your message will be all the more powerful.

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