Amos Yee

Still trying to find a Typist in America

Still trying to find a Typist to help me post blog posts from Prison. Anyone can help so long as you're in America. The job is just: I send a letter from Prison with handwritten blog posts to your address. You type out the blog post then send it to an email where it will be posted on my website. I'll send 1000–2000 words/week so that's about 20 min–1h/week of work. There is no pay currently, but depending on the future popularity of the website there might be opportunities for pay in the future. If you're interested to volunteer, please email with an introduction of yourself (please include your job, education level, hobbies, why you want to help, what US state you're in, and any relevant information you want to share).

Now some of you might be thinking: Amos, if you don't have a Typist, how were you able to post 5 new blog posts since you got locked up 5 months ago? Well I have a Typist, he's just in Europe (he's also the person that manages the website). And because he's in Europe, it costs more to send a letter and it takes weeks before the letter reaches him. If I had a typist in America, the letter would reach them in 3 days.

So if you want to help save me a bit of money, and make the blog posts come out a little bit faster, do volunteer. Pedophiles will be happy, God will be happy, everyone will be happy (or at least... eventually everyone will be happy).