Amos Yee

How to do Transcendental Meditation

Principles of Transcendental Meditation

Don't be critical of your thoughts. Stress actually leaves the body whenever you let thoughts come and go.

20 minutes of TM can provide as much relaxation as hours of sleep.

It's typically recommended to have a teacher and do TM 20 min, twice a day (in the morning and evening). However you can still do it by yourself with just a minimum of 10 min/day.

For many, mindfulness meditation (where you empty your mind by focusing on your breath) is difficult and ineffective, because some people have too many thoughts. With TM, your mind is still active, yet it causes you to relax. You can do both types of meditation though, as both have their pros and cons. Tim Ferriss splits time between Transcendental and Mindfulness 60-40.

How to do TM

Repeat a single phrase(also known as a 'mantra'), over and over in your head, and that lulls your overactive mind into slumber. You should find a phrase that is meaningless and doesn't provoke thought, but the sound calms you down. So not something like love or truth, but instead 'Ohm...' Or 'Oooo..'

It's recommended you do it sitting down (though I tried walking and it was fine)


How to do Transcendental Meditation

TM Principles: