Amos Yee

Pedophile Rights Activism Helps Children

Most children are able to consent to sex.

Research on the mental development of a child shows that at age 8, kids are generally able to express consent towards sex. And at age 12, they are capable of abstract thinking, meaning they can understand concepts like sexuality and love.

Having age of consent laws, which penalises sexual acts with children below the ages of 12-18, restricts children from engaging in positive sexual experiences.

The effects of these 'anti-child abuse laws' actually harms children. The child typically enjoys the experience, yet is pressured by parents and police to feel victimised and shameful, making them feel anxious and confused. Not to mention imprisoning the pedophile for years, which means separating the child from someone they genuinely love. The trauma of losing a loved one at such a young age, could scar them for life.

Of course children have less mental development and life experience compared to an adult, so they're less likely to make rational decisions when they engage in sex. However less likely doesn't mean unlikely, and unlikely doesn't mean impossible. Research consistently show that most sexual relationships between children from the ages of 12-18, are harmless. And even though it's rare, cases of positive sexual acts with children as young as 5, do exist.

What Pedophile Rights Activism seeks to achieve is instead of people jumping to conclusions, merely hearing that a 11-year-old and a 29-year-old had sex and immediately calling it rape. Look at the case with an open mind, deciding if that act is moral not based on age, but whether it was consensual.

As I've written before, Pedophile Right's Activism doesn't just help pedophiles who are innocent be free from imprisonment and discrimination, it also helps children. Most Pedophiles do not support rape, molest or any kind of child abuse. Most Pedophiles care about children, and since sexuality is tied with love, why would they be more likely to harm them, when they just might be the group that cares for children the most

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Stories of Underage Sex:

5-Year-Old Boy who masturbated a 17-Year-Old + 7-Year-Old Girl who had sexual relations with Janitor (In the ‘Boys and Men’ and ‘Girls and Men’ section respectively):

Studies showing most sexual relationships from ages 10-16 are consensual:

Condy Et Al:

Method of study is assessing randomly-picked college students recounting their experiences (Mostly when they were 12)

Arreola Et Al:

Method of study is interviewing adults from bars across developed states in the US (Florida, Los Angeles, New York etc.), recounting sexual acts when they were underage

Articles on the mental development of a child and their ability to consent to sex:

Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development:

From age 8 and above, logical thinking has developed and children are able to empathise

When Children Understand Consequences:

‘Children are able to begin understanding consequences around age 6 and are much better at it around age 13’