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Rating Myself (As of August 2020)

Now I'm aware rating myself might be slightly inaccurate because I'd either over or under score myself in certain categories. The best way to truly assess yourself is to have both a self-assessment, as well as your close friends' rating (I'll get once I have enough friends to help out).

Regardless, here is how I'd score myself, based on the system I created.

Here are the 4 values:


Mental Health



And this is how I'd rate myself (As of August 2020):

Morality 7 (out of 10)

Productivity 6

Mental Health 5

Social 5

Overall: ~6/10 (23/40)

Morality: 7

Being an Anarchist, Pedophile Right's Activist, Utilitarian, speaking up against the Singapore Dictatorship, and sharing all my opinions online without filter (sometimes getting arrested). Being moral seems to be my greatest virtue.

I do have one major flaw though, and that is I'm not vegan, though ironically for years I've always been pro-vegan. So I plan to fix that over the next few months and hopefully I can eventually bump my score to an 8.

Productivity: 6

I'm finally confident in posting a decent amount of great quality blog posts each week, where before I always wrote or made videos in short impulsive bursts.

For the short 2-3 hours I work daily, I'd say my writing and learning methods are fairly efficient, though it certainly needs to improve if I want to reach a 7-8. I'm working on steps like cleaning up my GTD organisation method, and implementing the notetaking system, Zettelkasten. I also need to develop the stamina to work longer (I'm aiming for a maximum of 4-5 hours daily).

Mental Health: 5

I have a host of mental issues from OCD, to Anxiety to Hyperactivity, probably Depression, probably Bipolar.

I always felt like my feelings controlled me. However I've been looking up information on mental health, getting great advice from people like Tara Brach and HealthyGamerGG. I've also been doing RAIN meditation, and using therapy techniques like CBT and ERP (I self-administered them myself without any psychiatrist).

I recently gained the ability to move into mental states, meaning when I felt anxiety, I was able to make myself feel calmer at will.

As my mental health improved, I felt a blissful state I remembered having as a child that I realised I hadn't experienced in years. I shed a few tears when it happened.

Moving into mental states still seems difficult though, I'm able to do it only one-quarter of the time. And all my mental issues still exist to a noticeable degree, so the battle continues.

Social: 5

I've got 11 friends, 4  pretty close. All are in different countries or states that I talk to via voice chat, 0 real-life friends.

So I've got to network more. The reason why I'm not rating myself a 3 or 4 is because the few close relationships I do have are wonderful. They're supportive, uplifting and I look forward to developing those friendships in the coming years.

Now I spend an equal amount of time developing existing relationships and finding new ones. As I do more networking and implement better socialising techniques (Sounds cold when you're talking about people but you get the point), I'm hopeful I'll make great improvement soon

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