Amos Yee

Values to Save The World

These are values everyone should work on. The categories are broad enough to apply to all personality types. I sincerely believe that if most humans were successful based on these standards, the world can be saved.

Here are the four values:


Mental Health



All of them are equally important, and I suggest looking at your own life and rating each category out of 10.

Here are brief explanations of each value and it's rating:


Description: Having viewpoints (Both philosophical and political) and acting in ways that bring the greatest benefit to the most number of living beings on earth.


2 (Out of 10) - Your views/actions greatly harm others

5 - Your views/actions overall neither help nor harm others

8 - Your views/actions greatly help others

Mental Health

Description: The quality of your mental state, whether you generally experience positive, healthy emotions, or negative, destructive ones.


2 - Experience mostly negative, harmful emotions

5 - Experience both positive and negative emotions equally

8 - Experience mostly positive, healthy emotions


Description: Your ability to produce a huge amount of work. It's not just about being effective, but efficient.


2 - Produce little, highly inefficient and ineffective

5 - Produce a decent amount, though far from your fullest potential

8 - Produce a large amount, both effectively and efficiently


Description: Your ability to develop a large number of meaningful relationships with others (friends, family, love interest etc.)


2 - Little to no meaningful relationships

5 - A fair amount of meaningful relationships

8 - A large amount of meaningful relationships

Add up all your scores from each category and divide it by 4, and you will get your score out of 10

Overall Rating

2 (8/40) - Very harmful to the world

5 (20/40) - Neither improve nor benefits the world

8 (32/40) - Very beneficial to the world

Now I'm going to rate a few of the most important figures in history with this system:

Hitler: Morality 0

Mental Health 0

Productivity 7

Social 2

Overall: ~2/10 (9/40)

Gandhi: Morality 10

Mental Health 9

Productivity 9

Social 9

Overall: ~9/10 (37/40)

Mozart: Morality 7

Mental Health 4

Productivity 10

Social 7

Overall: 7/10 (28/40)

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