Amos Yee

The Human Torch

Out of a burnt field, a human torch emerged.

It clambered out of the ashes, meek and unassuming, a slender human-like figure consumed by fire.

It ambled slowly across the land, its flame uncontrollable. The fire from its body burning down animals, houses and everything in its path. People screeched in fear and ran away whenever it was near.

Years past as the human torch continued wandering, leaving death and destruction in its wake. It didn't want to cause destruction, it just couldn't control itself, and there was no one around to help it.

The human torch became lonely, bitter, resentful, and slowly its flames became more devastating, shredding villages, reaping ruination and suffering, unlike anything humans had ever seen.

However, one day the human torch... decided to stop walking.

The moment the human torch paused, it started to feel a sense of peace, a feeling rarely experienced in its life.

Underneath some deserted rocky mountains, it sat down. And so for years, the human torch simply meditated.

At first, it hated itself, constantly beating itself up for being a human torch and not a regular human. But eventually it realised being upset with itself didn't change anything, and only made its flames more terrifying.

So the human torch decided to try something different, to stop endlessly judging itself, and instead try acceptance.

It tried to forgive itself for the destruction it caused, realising it didn't know any better, and tried to make itself feel that just like any one else, it was capable of good.

It eventually realised that the fire around its body was affected by the state of its soul. As the human torch practiced more self-compassion and acceptance, it became more in control of it's flames, and could stop itself from burning everything in its path. And day by day, Its fire turned from a menacing red-hot tinge, to a warm glowing yellow.

The yellow flame was alluring, forming a magnetic aura. Soon, people were drawn to it.

Groups of people slowly gathered around the human torch. The glow captivated them, it was so welcoming, so pleasing, it made them feel a warmth and passion that moved them to tears.

With this newfound strength, the people started developing buildings, on the land the human torch destroyed years ago.

These buildings were far stronger, and soon a large community formed, kinder and happier than ever before.

The human torch was ecstatic it was finally able to provide happiness to others. It thought it would be lonely forever, but now it was finally freed.

And as respect for the human torch's divine nature, people soon gave it a name, calling it 'Sol', after the Roman Sun God.

Decades past, and the town grew larger. Though it wasn't always pleasant, with murder and wars occasionally breaking out, the citizens did their best to solve these problems, and improve together.

As for Sol, it lived its life comfortably in a green plain near the area. People would come visit the human torch daily, to be reminded of all the virtues its fire brought them, like empathy, courage, kindness.

Then one day, something miraculous happened.

Out of the burnt field the human torch was born from, another human torch emerged.

Clambering out of the ashes, meek and unassuming, a slender human-life figure consumed by fire, that had an appearance which looked more... female.

Her name was Luna, She ambled slowly across the land, her flame uncontrollable. The fire from her body burning down animals, houses and everything in her path. People screeched in fear and ran away whenever she was near.

But then, after days of moving, Luna stumbled upon Sol.

Across the distance Sol saw Luna moving heavily towards it. Sol was mesmerised by her presence, someone who was also a human torch?

And almost instantly, Sol felt a connection to Luna, and Luna to Sol.

They both moved towards each other, looking deeply into each others faces. Luna's destructive flames immediately quietened. Both, even though they had just met, knew that they were connected by something special, something that was cosmic and eternal, that transcended space and time.

Finally, they reached each other. Sol looked deeply into Luna's eyes, somehow feeling warmer by her flame. They leaned their faces closer, and sealed their love with a fiery kiss.

The flames from both their bodies merged, and sent a lightbeam that burst to the top of the sky, Humans nearby gazed at it, awestruck.

Sol and Luna joined hands, compassion and life radiating from their presence. They both continued their journey together, illuminating the rest of the world

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