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What's Your Favorite Show?

Do you know that asking someone ‘What’s your favorite show?’, is actually a great way to know more about them? This works not just for shows, but any kind of media/storytelling (Video Games, Youtube Videos, Books etc.). I often ask this question whenever I meet someone new, because from somebody’s favorite shows, you can receive glimpses of a person’s deepest thoughts and personality.

I love the movie ‘Cloud Atlas’ and the video game ‘Persona 5’, and I eventually realised it’s because both share the theme of optimistically fighting against unjust authority. Then there's ‘March Comes in Like A Lion’ and ‘Hunter X Hunter’, and oh, it looks like I really value empathy and adventure as well.

Perhaps why you love ‘Teddie’ from ‘Persona 4’ is because he taught you that your identity is defined less by your past or where you were born, and more by who you are now. The haunting atmosphere in ‘Ping Pong the Animation’, where no matter how hard you try you’ll never be as good as the top, might mimic the high-pressure, stressful, environment you face in school or at work. ‘Kino’ from ‘Kino’s Journey’ may reflect your own social life, wandering from place to place, yet never staying for long.

I really love when people go beyond surface-level impressions, and talk about what a show reveals about their own life. Because though many see media just as entertainment and escapism, I see it as a means of self-nurture. Storytelling can help reveal something new about yourself. Somebody loves a particular show, because that story reflects their own personality and values.

So what do your favorite characters, your favorite shows, say about you?

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