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Polocle's Favorite Everything

As I wrote before about how your favorite shows reveals a lot about your deepest thoughts and personality, here is a list of my favorite content I've consumed across all different mediums, from video games to anime to blogs to movies. Ranked starting from most favorite.

Top Favorite Everything (As of July 2020)

1. March Comes In Like A Lion (Anime)

2. Tara Brach (Self-help Teacher)

3. Persona 5 (Video Game)

4. Cloud Atlas (Movie)

5. Dr K from HealthyGamerGG (Psychiatrist Youtuber)

6. Hunter X Hunter (Anime)

7. Stanley Kubrick (Movie Director)

8. Persona 4 Golden (Video Game)

9. FLCL (Anime)

10. Johnathan Blow (Video Game Developer)

11. David Foster Wallace (Author)

12. Paul Thomas Anderson (Movie Director)

13. On Writing Well (Book)

14. James Clear (Blogger)

15. Leo Babauta from Zen Habits (Blogger)

16. Danganronpa (Video Game Series)

17. Tim Ferriss (Self-help Writer)

18. Frank Zappa (Musician)

19. Platinum Games (Video Game Company)

20. Derek Sivers (Self-help Writer)

21. The Holy Mountain (Movie)

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