Amos Yee


Amos Yee is now in Prison in the American State of Illinois. On paper, it's because he violated the parole rule that he can't use the internet (he was on parole because he just served a 3-year sentence for exchanging nude pictures with a 14-year-old). And really, he purposefully violated his parole and got rearrested to protest unfair treatment towards sex offenders and pedophiles (read details of that here and here). His release date is: April 24th 2025.

All blog posts here are written by Amos Yee from Prison. He handwrites the post, sends them to a friend by letter, and the friend types it out and posts it on this website.

Every day, Amos writes 200 words and reads 100 pages of a book.

Still trying to find a typist in America to help Amos!

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